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Jeep's Grand Commander is the China-only SUV we wish we'd get here - Roadshow
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 21:59:54 +0000
The full-size, three-row SUV is big, attractive, luxurious and economical, and we're bummed it's not coming stateside.

In-screen fingerprint sensors coming to 100 million phones by 2019? - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 21:45:06 +0000
A new report predicts we'll see a lot more fingerprint sensors that live underneath phone displays.

Amazon to raise Prime membership in US to $119 from $99 - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 22:24:02 +0000
The 20 percent price hike goes into effect May 11 and hits existing customers' renewals on June 16.

Hyperloop travel looks cushy, thanks to BMW Designworks - Roadshow
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 21:27:04 +0000
BMW's creative subsidiary imagined what Virgin Hyperloop One's pods could look like, and they're pretty impressive.

Icy Mars crater stars in ExoMars' colorful image - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 21:03:09 +0000
The European Space Agency's ExoMars orbiter shares a fresh look at a fascinating landscape feature on Mars, in full, fetching color.

Apple will stop selling its AirPort routers when supplies run out - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 21:12:10 +0000
The company still will support the discontinued networking devices, which haven't been updated in five years, for the next half decade.

Fornite's highly anticipated meteor shower has begun - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 21:17:16 +0000
The meteor that's been hanging above Fortnite players for weeks is now prompting a meteor shower -- and no one but Epic knows what it means.

Alternatives to Apple's discontinued AirPort routers - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 21:00:21 +0000
Apple just announced it is discontinuing its AirPort Base Stations (Express, Extreme and Time Capsule). Here are some alternatives to replace them.

Newark releases Amazon HQ2 proposal highlighting the city's diversity, tech infrastructure - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 22:04:52 +0000
The New Jersey city released the document after a February lawsuit requested access to the proposal. Amazon is expected to make a decision this year.

Semi-cyborg? 3D printer puts electronics directly on skin - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 22:10:24 +0000
Welcome to a future where a portable 3D printer can place electronics right on the back of your hand, and also print biological cells onto wounds.

Women alleging rape by Uber drivers: Give us our day in court - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 21:57:02 +0000
Fourteen women write an open letter to Uber's board of directors asking the company to free them from private arbitration.

Cool purple accessories for your cool purple Samsung Galaxy S9 - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 20:35:27 +0000
From a wireless headphone to a USB hub to rugged phone cases, everything's coming up purple.

‚ÄčAmazon's sales surge as possible Trump backlash looms - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 22:18:51 +0000
The e-commerce giant posts another blowout quarter and renews its streaming deal with the NFL. Even so, it faces potential challenges from the White House. Plus: Annual US Prime fees were raised by 20 percent.

Mozilla's Hub experiment brings VR chat rooms to the web so your avatar can chill in a browser - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 20:18:03 +0000
The Firefox developer wants to marry web browsers to virtual reality and augmented reality with technology called WebVR and WebXR.

Comcast Xfinity adds Tile tracking to the X1 platform - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:49:46 +0000
Popular Bluetooth tracker Tile and Comcast Xfinity are joining forces to keep up with your stuff.

Outrageous custom Lamborghinis - Roadshow
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:20:44 +0000
These extra-special supercars are blinged out with lights, gold and, in one case, Donald Trump.

Tesla's Autopilot boss Jim Keller leaves the company - Roadshow
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:12:31 +0000
Keller has left Tesla to return to designing superconductors.

Astronomers search for alien megastructures in satellite data - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:58:22 +0000
A European Space Agency catalog of the Milky Way's billions of stars could be hiding evidence of highly advanced alien civilizations with serious building skills.

Qualcomm cuts licensing fees, hopes to settle with Apple this year - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:35:52 +0000
In an effort to resolve its licensing disputes, the chipmaker lowers by $100 the cap on the value of handsets, which is what its royalties are based on.

Microsoft is replacing its gun emoji too, following Apple and Google - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:26:05 +0000
Apple changed its gun emoji in 2016, and Google just made the move this week. Now Microsoft's gun emoji is morphing into a water pistol as well.

Renault, IKEA France team up to help you get that too-big bookcase home - Roadshow
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 17:55:04 +0000
The two companies are working together to offer self-service vehicle rentals through Renault's Mobility app from 180 IKEA locations in France.

Pro-Trump social media stars Diamond and Silk slam Facebook in congressional hearing - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:05:26 +0000
The popular social media duo, who are vocal supporters of Donald Trump, have accused Facebook of bias against conservatives and say they were censored.

Science nears a brain-cancer biopsy with simple blood test - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 17:21:46 +0000
Checking brain tumors is an invasive procedure, but researchers may have unlocked a low-risk technique to test for brain cancer with a simple blood sample.

BMW M850i xDrive promises 523 hp, looks amazing in camo - Roadshow
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 16:58:31 +0000
Maybe one day, we'll see the actual thing.

Star Wars Resistance is an anime prequel to The Force Awakens - CNET
Thu, 26 Apr 2018 22:08:24 +0000
The animated series follows a new Resistance pilot, but will also bring in Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma as voiced by Oscar Issac and Gwendoline Christie.

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